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Our story begins with an old hidden treasure within the Town of Irondequoit in Upstate NY.  A barn, where generations once farmed their land with grit and sweat, was sitting empty and unseen.  We wanted to continue that tradition of taking Nature\’s harvest and produce something that we could be proud of.  So we brought this little barn back to life and we are honored to give Irondequoit their first brewery.

Nate, our Head Brewer and Irondequoit resident has chosen ten perfectly crafted beers for you to enjoy on tap.  We also offer a menu that will make your visit complete and memorable.

We invite you to our table to relax, enjoy good beer, food and conversation. Be a part of our hidden treasure in our favorite corner of the world, the Irondequoit Beer Company.



Meet Nate Kester, our Head Brewer.  

Nate’s passion for brewing beer began when his wife, Kelly, bought him his first home brewing kit over a decade ago.  Popping the top on that brown ale (and not going blind when giving it its first sip) was magical, and paved the way for all that lay ahead:  bigger and better equipment, original recipes, homegrown hops (tended and harvested with care by his seven-year-old brewing assistant, Claire), and now this professional adventure.

Nate is a proud resident of Irondequoit, our favorite corner of the world.