Virtual BEER and BINGO Grand Finale!


You can play in your robe and fuzzy slippers. You can play with friends, family and neighbors.  How ever you want to play!  Join us in the comfort of your own home on THURSDAY, May 21st at 7:30pm sharp to play along with other patrons.

How to play:

  1. Click HERE and enter
  2. Enter your email to receive card
  3. Go to your inbox or junk mail folder for one BINGO card
  4. Print out BINGO Card (each card has a unique # which we will need to determine if you get BINGO, see #9)
  5. On THURSDAY, May 21st at 7:30 pm go to Irondequoit Beer Company’s FB page for the live feed (works best watching on phone).  Look for the live feed dated May 21st.
  6. Have your favorite IBC beer next to you (call 544-3670 for curbside pick up)
  7. Jim, our Official BINGO caller, will call out the #s on the live feed
  8. We will be playing ONE GAME for FULL BOARD – all #s on your board must be called to win
  9. When you have BINGO go to live feed and type in BINGO! and your card # under the comments
  10. Winner(s) will receive a FREE crowler of their choice

That’s it! Any questions email Leslie at